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Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective will be launching a way for you to give back to the black filmmaking community. Through B3C Charity, a non-profit organization made up of three branches, donations may be made as detailed below.  You will be listed on our website under the branch in which you have chosen to donate. Once you have given to all three branches of charity, you will be listed among the elite Black Heart branch, receiving a commemorative Black Heart B3C Charity coin.

b3c charity.png
b3c yellow.png
b3c red.png
b3c green.png

The Red Heart Sponsorship

By working on an official B3C Film, you will be given this recognition on

The Yellow Heart Sponsorship

Speakers and Instructors for one of our monthly B3C meetings will be given this recognition on

The Green Heart Sponsorship

By donating $100 or more, you will be given this recognition on Financial contributions will go towards Black Cincinnati Cinema Collectives’ efforts in building

a stronger organization.

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