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B3C Connects:

Nurturing Creativity,
Forging Bonds

At the heart of B3C lies its lifeblood - the B3C Connects monthly meetings. These gatherings serve as a nucleus for the black filmmaking community in Cincinnati, bringing together artists, technicians, and enthusiasts alike. B3C Connects stands as a testament to the collective's commitment to learning, growth, and mutual support.


During these sessions, members partake in enriching classes taught by accomplished professionals from the filmmaking industry. Hands-on learning experiences with state-of-the-art equipment empower aspiring filmmakers, fostering a sense of empowerment and confidence.


Additionally, interviews with influential figures in the film world provide valuable insights and inspiration, underscoring the transformative power of mentorship and shared experiences.

B3C Connects Dates:

Mark your calendars and come out to one of our Connects!
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