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Birth of an Inspiration:

The Inception of B3C

The inception of B3C can be traced back to a profound need - the yearning of the black filmmaking community to come together, support one another, and forge a united front. In 2017, Alphonzo Wesson and Vernard Fields recognized this desire for community and seized the opportunity to create an organization that nurtured black talent.


With the unwavering support of passionate filmmakers, B3C emerged as a transformative force, promoting artistic collaboration, and facilitating profound networking opportunities. From its humble beginnings, B3C rapidly evolved into a dynamic hub of creativity, fostering enduring relationships that have shaped the course of black filmmaking in Cincinnati.

Notable Achievements:

A Tapestry of Success

Throughout its journey, B3C has woven a tapestry of notable achievements, leaving an indelible impact on the filmmaking landscape. From award-winning films to groundbreaking collaborations, B3C continues to celebrate success in all its forms.


The collective's commitment to authenticity and storytelling excellence has garnered accolades, recognition, and respect from industry peers and audiences alike. As a testament to the power of united efforts, B3C's journey is a testament to the brilliance of black filmmakers and their profound influence on cinema.

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