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Welcome to Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective.
Where Stories Unite.

Empowering Black Filmmakers:

The Resplendent Journey of Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective

Welcome to the vibrant world of the Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective (B3C), where creativity finds its true essence, and the art of storytelling transcends boundaries. Founded in 2017 by visionary director ALPHONZO WESSON and versatile multi-media specialist VERNARD FIELDS, B3C is a beacon of inspiration, uniting black filmmakers with a shared purpose - to create compelling narratives that illuminate the black experience.

Mission & Vision:

Championing Diversity, Illuminating Voices


At Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective (B3C), our mission is to empower, unite, and elevate black filmmakers, fostering a solid and supportive community that champions the authentic representation of black stories on screen. Through dynamic collaboration, creative exploration, and educational opportunities, we strive to amplify marginalized voices, celebrate diverse perspectives, and contribute to the renaissance of black filmmaking in Cincinnati and beyond.



Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in the filmmaking landscape, where black creatives are celebrated, their stories resonate globally, and their influence transforms the industry. We envision B3C as a thriving hub for innovation, where aspiring filmmakers find inspiration, seasoned professionals offer mentorship, and ground-breaking projects emerge to challenge conventional norms. With an unwavering dedication to amplifying black voices, we aspire to redefine the narrative of black storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on cinema and society. Together, we forge a future where representation and inclusion are at the heart of every frame, ultimately inspiring generations to come.

Founders and Leaders

B3C owes its visionary foundation to its esteemed founders - Alphonzo Wesson, Vernard Fields, and Alicia Redmond. Alphonzo Wesson, a prolific director with an innate passion for storytelling, brings decades of experience to the collective. His films have graced screens and touched hearts, leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. Complementing Wesson's expertise is Vernard Fields, a multi-media specialist whose mastery in diverse creative domains enriches B3C's endeavors. Fields' technical prowess, combined with his artistic vision, brings a unique dimension to the collective's initiatives. Alicia Redmond, a guiding force within B3C, plays a vital role in shaping the collective's educational programs. Her commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering a culture of continuous learning is a driving force behind B3C's growth.

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