We provide our members and community with rich experiences that shape their present-day and future in the world of filmmaking.

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Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective, otherwise known as B3C, was birthed in 2017 from a need of the black filmmaker’s community coming together to teach and learn from one another to build a stronger unit. Within this collective, we’ve helped one another with several projects, developed working relationships, and formed life-long friendships.

This idea of Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective was brought about by director Alphonso Wesson and multi-media specialist Vernard Fields. With their monthly B3C Connect meetings, they bring together the black filmmaking community to take control of the black narrative. This is done through classes taught by those in the filmmaking industry, hands-on learning with equipment and techniques, and interviews with shakers and movers.



Watch our short film, GAME NIGHT. It was an official selection for a number of film festivals and an online favorite!


We will soon add more films created by members of B3C. Some of these films are joint efforts under the umbrella of B3C while others are independent productions reflecting the member’s passion for filmmaking.

Films are constantly being created and in various stages of production. Feel free to contact us to find out how to join these wonderful productions and even have your visions brought to life!



Our mission is to produce content that reflects the creativity of black culture while providing education, training, and experience to all involved in the filmmaking process.


Our vision is to create an inclusive culture of filmmakers who desire to contribute to the narrative of black storytelling, as well as championing diversity in the film industry.




Every voice and opinion is heard, valued, and respected regardless of gender, race, religion, political stance, etc.


We strive to push inclusion in the world of filmmaking whether it’s on inside or outside projects.


We create a safe place for teachable people to grow and make mistakes without the risk of shame.


There will always be room for improvement but we will always put forth our best at all costs.

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